About me

Özlem Schader

Registered Nutritionist

Nutrition scientist


I am passionate about encouraging and helping people to create their individual way of eating as valuable part of their life’s.


As a nutrition scientist and an experienced registered nutritionist, I offer practical and realistic dietary advice in many health issues based on up to date evidence and research. 

The approach

Let’s compare the approach with a soup recipe of yours that needs adaptation, as now you need a soup that makes you feel better, but which should have a good taste and not take a whole day for preparation.


The first step will be your request: where are you coming from? What do you expect from a change in your diet, your soup recipe? I will tell you whether and how I could help you.


Most of the queries require an assessnent of your, the cook's, situation in order to give you individual and practical advice: We would have an appreciating comprehensive look at the soup ingredients, the cook’s knowhow, equipment, possible assisting persons, time and the cook’s kitchen.


This assessnent often reveals that the recipe only needs a small change to make a big difference to your well-being. And at this stage, you as the cook might realize what is going wrong without any needed further intervention by me.


If necessary, I will provide the cook with specific dietary advice such as setting adequate dietary goals against the cook’s background, nutritional knowledge, and practical ideas.


The cook might also receive instruments to monitor her/his cooking in order to evaluate objectively and to see where ongoing problems originate from.


A very important point in the whole process is:


You are and will stay the cook, while I am your guide

who supports and encourages you to

create your own recipe – tasty, beneficial, may be unconventional, but surely unique. 

My professional background

I studied nutrition science at University being curious about interactions between nutrients and health. As I wanted to work with clients in a practical way, I underwent several apprenticeships to qualify for giving professional dietary advice.


I have been working as a nutritionist for several years gaining experience in a wide range of diet related/dependend health problems. My special focus is on nutritional psychology. Dietary consultations regardless the theme benefit from this underlying fundament by:

  • shaping a good client-therapist-relationship which includes the above mentioned roles (cook & guide), respect, appreciation of a person's personality and wishes
  • empowering the client to make conscious eating related decisions, as most of our decisions are made unconsciously
  • further understanding whether eating is emotionally driven after excluding other factors
  • understanding possible psychosomatic interactions - an inadequate diet and aching tummy effect your psyche, and your emotional mood effects your appetite, day & eating structure as well as your digestion.

This non-apparent fundament of nutritional psychological aspects build together with expert hand tools a unique holistic approach for human-oriented practical dietary advice.

Curriculum vitae

Current engagement

since 03/2017

Self-employed registered nutritionist at own practice

Ernährungsberatung Schader, Waldeckweg 24, CH-4102 Binningen


Nutritionist at a recognised Homecare Service for artificial nutrition

Professional experience

2014 – 2017

Nutritionist at cantonal hospital for hospitalised and outpatients comprising a wide range of diet related/dependent health questions.

Special focus on: eating disorders, kidney diseases

Other tasks: training of nurses

2009 – 2014

Nutritionist at practice for diabetes for people with diabetes (all types)

Individual & group counsellings

Nutrition brochure for Turkish speaking clients


Nutritional research at University of Applied Sciences

Focus: quality management

2005 – 2008

Engagement in pharmaceutical sector as Senior Drug Safety Specialist

Professional qualification


Recognition of foreign diploma as Ernährungsberaterin SRK by the Swiss Red Cross (SRK), Wabern


Dipl. Oecotrophologin (houshold and nutrition scientist),

focus on nutrition science, Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität, Bonn

Additional certificates/studyings


Okt 2020

2016 – 2017

Courses and self-studying on Trauma, bonding, eating disorders, nutrition psychology

Introduction into Psychotraumatologie, Trauma-Institut Dagmar Härle (2 days)

Educational course on paedagogic and psychoanalytical aspects of counseling, Akademie für Beratung und Philosophie, Schliengen


Prof.eat Ernährungstherapeutin (Prof.eat nutrition therapist), Prof.eat, Schliengen


Ernährungsberaterin/DGE, Deutsche Geselleschaft für Ernährung (DGE), Bonn


Medias 2-certificate for group counseling for people with Typ 2-Diabetes, Forschungsinstitut Diabetes-Akademie, Bad Mergentheim



Place of birth


London, UK


·        Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Ernährung (SGE)

·        Schweizerischer Verband diplomierter Ernährungsberaterinnen (SVDE)

·        Gesellschaft für klinische Ernährung der Schweiz (GESKES)

·        Berufsverband Oecotrophologie e. V. (VdOE)


·        German

·        English

·        Turkish