Prices for nutrition consultations

For self-payers

Nutrition consultations comprise the following approaches - both:

  • medically approved dietary advice (-> focus on nutrition & health)
  • nutrition psychology (-> focus on body, emotions & nutrition)

For a first or single session, I recommend to reserve up to 90 minutes. 


The following prices are for the sessions. A certain time, for example for preparation, up to 15 minutes is included in the price.

  • 90 min session    first or single session    225,- Sfr
  • 60 min session    follow-up-session          156,- Sfr
  • 45 min session    follow-up-session          120,- Sfr
  • 30 min session    follow-up-session            80,- Sfr

Sessions can take place in my practice, via phone or video.

For patients with prescription

With a prescription from your doctor, Verordnung zur Ernährungsberatung, the health insurance (Grundversicherung) pays for a certain number of sessions.


Indications qualifying for a prescription:

  • obesity (body mass index at least 30 kg/m2 and more)
  • metabolic disorders
  • malnutrition and eating disorders
  • stomach and gut problems like reflux, food intolerances, irritable stomach, irritable bowel syndrome
  • food allergies
  • kidney insufficiency

The prices for the consultations are according to an agreement between the Schweizerischer Verband diplomierter Ernährungsberaterinnen (SVDE) und Santésuisse.


For more information regarding conditions and duration of sessions, please see here.