Nutrition consultations

Here is a choice of frequent themes. If your personal questions are not listed, please, do not hesitate to contact me.

Overweight & yoyo-effect

Have you tried to lose weight many times, but gained it again? Have your weight loss programmes been too restrictive or causing you a lot of effort?

We can find a way for you to stop these ups and downs and replace the current concept of "being on a diet" by a sustainable way of eating.


Do you feel week and have you been losing weight?

Are you experiencing low appetite?

I can give you tipps to increase your appetite and gain strength, even if you cannot eat much.

Possible interventions include also nutrient supplements, protein powder & maltodextrin as well as artifical nutrition (prescription by the doctor possible).

Disordered eating

Do you regurlaly experience binge eating, nightly eating or craving in general? I can provide you with a step-by-step approach to investigate the causes and to eliminate or at leat improve it at a noticable grade.


Or do you have anorexia nervosa or bulimia?

If you want to stop weight loss, but are afraid of falling into the other extreme like craving or fast weight gain, I can provide you with specific knowhow for getting eating more stabilized as well as practical hand tools that let you feel more secure.

Food intolerances

You do not know what to buy or to eat anymore? Is your tummy aching and are you suffering from your digestion?


I can provide you with clarifying information so that you can plan your menus better and show you a long-term way of eating by replacing and avoiding cutting out too much food.


In some cases the FODMAP-concept might be the right approach as a diagnostic and therapeutical approach.

Gut problems

Do you experience problems after surgery like adhesions or dumping syndrome or other problems?

Because of my experiences in hospital, I can provide you with specific concepts for your problem.


You can avoid dumping by making small changes in your diet.

You can have much less tummy ache and digestion problems or even be relieved by uncomplicated nutrition concepts in case of adhesions.

Heart & metabolic issues

Have you been diagnosed with Diabetes? Do not know how to regulate your blood sugar or what to buy and what not?

I can explain to you how you can manage your blood sugar by nutritional aspects. Do not be afraid - you can still eat sweets and there is no special diet required.


Or do you have Type 1 Diabetes?

I can share tips and tricks with you to estimate the amount of carbohydrates easier.


Any vascular disorders, metabolic syndrome, heart problems, high cholesterol etc.?

We can look for concepts consisting of eating healthy easily and physical exercise.