Individual and professional dietary advice in Basel

You would like to improve your wellbeing or you are suffering from nutrition related health problems and are looking for a sustainable way of healthy nutrition? Together we will find practical nutrition solutions meeting your dietary needs against the background of your personal situation.

"To eat or not to eat? That is the question."

I will be your coach on your way from "healthy" diet as a partly quite tense area of conflicts to a self-determined constitutional way of eating without remorse.

I can help you with

Overweight & jojo-effect

Sustainable weight loss

weight stabilisation



involuntary weight loss

nutrient deficiencies

Food intolerances

intolerances like

lactose intolerance

fructose malabsorption


Disordered eating

irregular eating patterns

anorexia nervosa


binge eating

Heart & metabolic issues


high cholesterol


high uric acid & gout

high blood pressure

Gut problems

surgery related: dumping syndrome, adhesions.

coeliac disease

fatty liver & more

Nutrition consultations

Nutritional consultations are available for people with prescription and for self-payers.

The sessions take place in my practice in the center of Basel.

In case, you prefer sessions via telephone or video, this is also possible.

Make an appointment online

You can book your appointment online. Please, let me know in case you prefer to meet me via video or phone. You will get an appointment faster, when you book online.

About me

I am an experienced and registered nutritionist offering a holistic human-oriented approach. Click on my picture to get to know more about me.


Özlem Schader

Ernährungsberaterin SRK SVDE / registered nutritionist


Dipl. Oecotrophologin

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