To eat or not to eat - that is the question...

Do you find information about healthy nutrition quiet confusing? And has following a healthy diet become a kind of stress for you? Are you somehow stuck in your eating habits and overthinking them?


I am an experienced nutrition scientist and nutritionist specialised on nutrition psychology. I can advise you independently to

  • get clarity on what is really healthy nutrition
  • understand where and why you are stuck in certain eating habits
  • conceive the bigger context your nutrition issue is embedded in
  • enable you to find inner solutions to relieve yourself from suffering and grow personally, too.

Welcome in my

Practice for dietary advice and nutrition psychology

Whatever you share, you will be provided a trustworthy context.


My practice is located in Binningen next to Basel and easy to access by public transport.

I can help you with the following subjects

  • disordered eating such as
    • craving
    • experiencing never-ending phases of restricted eating (strict diets) with possible weight loss alternating with phases of eating attacts and possible weight gain
  • overthinking such as what to eat, how much to eat, what to trust so that it takes a marked amount of energy and time in your daily life
  • being strict with yourself and your ideas of how to eat as well as feelings of guilt and possibly even shame in case you fail to fulfill your ideal
  • eating disorders such as
    • anorexia
    • bulimia
    • binge eating
    • orthorexia
    • night eating 
    • secret eating
  • obesity

Holistic approach of nutrition counseling with focus on nutrition psychology

The approach comprises different aspects which have proven to be essential for nutrition counseling:

  • a clear explanation of a healthy diet (nutrition education) and the impact of healthy nutrition on your wellbeing and your body
  • body focused approach which means
    • explaining the body´s impact and the body´s stress on your eating behaviour, for example calming yourself down by eating
    • making you more sensitive for the signs of your body such as hunger, thirst, satisfaction, low blood sugar, or craving without being hungry
  • practical help and tools to make you more sensitive and aware in order to enable you to help yourself (empowering you)
  • my empathy as well as trustworthy frame to share and work together

About me

Özlem Schader

Dipl. Oecotrophologin (nutrition scientist)

Ernährungsberaterin SVDE-SRK 


I have been continuously studying and trying to understand human´s eating behaviour. 


Not only are people by so much contradictory information outside. If they finally set goals how to eat, they experience problems and are even desperate in trying to apply a better eating behaviour. Lately, I discovered the link between developmental trauma and eating disorders which is fundamental for understanding and receiving adequate help.


I love to share my knowledge to let people recognise their patterns and vicious cycles and enable them to help themselves.  For me, it is a pleasure to see people even grow personally. And in case, a border is reached, I am transparent and honest and can recommend further help.

Nutrition consultations

For the first session, I would like to see you in my practice, if possible. In case of follow ups, we will agree on what works best.

I offer face-to-face consultations in my practice in Basel as well as video and phone sessions.


If you have doctoral prescription, your health insurance (Grundversicherung) will cover a certain amount of sessions.

I also offer sessions for those who pay themselves.

For more information, please see here.


I am an independent nutritionist - so, I do not earn anything by selling or advertising products.

Contact me

Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact me.


Özlem Schader has made an incredible difference to my health and well-being. She listens, looks at the situation holistically, and gives an easy-to-follow personalized eating structure. She is very empathetic as well as knowledgeable, which I found to be the perfect combination when dealing with issues around food intolerance, pain, illness, weight and stress. I would highly recommend her as a dietician. S. M. 6th of February 2021

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